Green Economy North

What is Green Economy North?

Green Economy North is a program of reThink Green and the northern Ontario hub of Green Economy Canada. Green Economy North helps businesses reduce carbon emissions each year.

Going sustainable means a thriving business—gain a competitive advantage and save money by taking care of the environment. Green Economy North members benefit from access to professional services in which we help you measure, manage, reduce & save.

Join the transition to a low carbon future. Become a Green Economy North member.


Green Economy North offers flexible pricing to accommodate every organization. Contact us for further details.

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Save with a Green Economy North membership.

We help you measure, manage, reduce & save!


  • Baseline energy walkthroughs
  • Carbon demand management / inventory reports

We can produce Inventory Reports which itemize the energy efficiency of your building’s current systems, fixtures, equipment and other assets. We also provide recommendations on potential upgrades and improvements.


  • Goal setting
  • Action planning
  • Green team development
  • Technical workshops and educational forums
  • Knowledge sharing


  • Green Economy North members aim to reduce carbon emissions every year.
  • We celebrate your progress, adopting sustainable practices, through news media coverage, social media, and at our events.
  • You get more credibility when Green Economy North shows your success.


  • When you reduce your carbon emissions you save money!

Our services are tailored to your organizations size.

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