Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The reThink Green Strategic Plan 2022-2027 builds upon the strong foundation of the insightful work of Innoweave, and the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD) and is informed by, and aligns with, community partners, staff, and key stakeholders. The new Strategic Plan represents the culmination of this work and the efforts, thoughts, and contributions of many – all of which were instrumental to defining our actions over the next five years.


reThink Green is a community driver of sustainable and impactful climate change action.


By 2027, reThink Green as a leader across Northern Ontario, will share knowledge and spark inspiration to both provide and stimulate impactful action across three focus areas –sustainable healthy communities, responsible environmental practices, and environmental leadership.

Three Climate Action Focus Areas: 

  1. Sustainable healthy communities – active transportation, energy use/efficiency, food security
  2. Responsible environmental practices – waste reduction, resource use in residential and commercial settings
  3. Environmental Leadership – Advocacy, training and resources

The full plan is available here: