Community Energy & Emissions Planning

Green Economy North's Smart Green Communities program is working with municipalities in Northeastern Ontario to better understand local energy needs, and provide technical and interpretive support for the preparation of Community Energy Plans.

What are Community Energy Plans?

Community energy plans define community-wide priorities and goals for local energy generation, delivery, conservation, and efficiency. The plans help decision-makers understand current – and anticipate future – patterns of energy demand and management.

Community energy plans incorporate data and input from residents, small businesses, industrial and commercial interests, and other public-sector stakeholders. The scope and impact of community energy plans are related to government of Ontario-mandated Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans, but their reach extends beyond the municipal sector.

It is a natural progression for Green Economy North to be extending our scope into this emerging area of public policy. By providing the networks, resources and expertise needed to succeed in setting and meeting targets, we help member organizations maximize the economic benefits of sustainability actions.