Shared Platforms

Not every project needs to be its own organization. A shared platform occurs when one organization provides a legal home for an unincorporated project or organization. reThink Green is using its networks and infrastructure to support community-led endeavours, which build a sustainable Sudbury. Typical services for a shared platform project include accounting, insurance, and office space. It may also include staff time, access to equipment, and mentorship. Each partnership is different depending on the needs of the project. The initiative being supported contributes to the operating costs of reThink Green, which is less costly to the project than operating independently. By working with reThink Green, the project may access funding that would not otherwise be available. The shared platform is an excellent way for reThink Green to leverage its existing assets to support community projects. If you are planning or leading a community project, please contact reThink Green if you think Shared Platform would be a good fit for your initiative. 

Flour Mill Community Farm (2022-present)

The Flour Mill Community Farm is a community-driven project that was sparked by residents of Greater Sudbury who wanted to make positive change in the Flour Mill and Donovan neighbourhoods. Since breaking ground in 2017, this initiative has used agriculture as a tool to help youth gain meaningful job experience, social skills development, and a deeper connection to the environment and the food system.

Fresh, ecologically raised produce is grown by the youth each year and is offered at affordable prices to those living near the farm. The farm produces hundreds of pounds of food each year, and has employed over 50 youth in Greater Sudbury, as well as new, aspiring farmers. In 2023, a new ¼ acre site will be put into production to better-supply those accessing food through the project.

Next Economy North Bay (2019-present)

Next Economy North Bay comprises a grassroots collective of local business and community leaders who are seeking to build capacity, so the City of North Bay (and surrounding communities) may become leaders in the modern, low-carbon economy.  

In 2019, reThink Green assisted Next Economy North Bay to produce a day long trade-show style event in North Bay. This event had workshops, a roster of guest speakers and information booths from local environmental businesses and organizations. ReThink Green continues to manage Next Economy North Bay’s finances so they can solicit donations and corporate sponsorships. 

clean air sudbury (2015-2022)

Clean Air Sudbury is a non-profit community group focused on air quality issues in Greater Sudbury. 

Their mission is to compile, summarize and disseminate local air quality information, promote education and awareness of community air quality issues and to provide opportunities for the public to get involved in air quality improvements. 

ReThink Green manages the finances for Clean Air Sudbury allowing them to solicit corporate sponsorship.  The use this funding to produce regular Air Quality Trends Report and undertake community projects related to air quality.  

College Boreal (2020-21)

College Boreal’s Agricultural Techniques program offers basic training in agriculture and farm business management, following new industry trends and the different methods of operating a farm. College Boreal engage reThink Green to interview local food producers for their NSERC funded research report “Covid-19 and the Agricultural Sector in Northern Ontario.” 

Plastic-free greater sudbury (2019-21)

Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury is a grassroots, not-for-profit group that works to educate Sudburians about current plastic issues, connect our community with information and local resources, and reduce single-use plastic in Greater Sudbury. 

ReThink Green enabled Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury to obtain an Ontario Trillium Foundation Seed Grant to address single-use plastics in the hospitality sector. Over 20 local businesses, schools, organizations, and workplaces have shown their public support to reduce plastic by Taking our Pledge. The Pledge is a working commitment to reduce a minimum of three attainable single-use plastics within an establishment. We help members do this by conducting a single-use plastic audit, create an action plan, and celebrate their success and involvements.  

You can find us in the community participating in Junction Creek clean-ups, partnering with organizations on community projects, and support other zero-waste efforts throughout the city.  

We are primary advocates for zero-waste but acknowledge this is not realistic for all and when this is the case, we share resources on recycling and composting with individuals and members. 

Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council (2019-21)

The Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council (GSFPC) envisions a Greater Sudbury where: all residents have access to adequate, affordable, safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable food; there exists a financially viable, equitable, environmentally sustainable food system (including production, processing, distribution, marketing and waste disposal); and area citizens are knowledgeable about the food system and its impact on their individual lives and community. 

ReThink Green enabled the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council to hire their first coordinator through the Ontario Jobs Creation Partnership.  

sun co-op (2015-20)

SUN-Coop was community-owned non-profit solar power co-operative, started by local individuals in Greater Sudbury with the help of reThink Green in 2010. They promoted renewable energy in the Greater Sudbury community with the goal of supporting and improving local environmental volunteer organizations. They were locally owned and controlled by the individual members of the co-operative. 

When they were approved for a Feed-In Tariff program in 2015, they sought support from reThink Green to help manage the project. Constructions of the solar farm in Estaire was completed in September 2020 and will be providing clean, renewable energy for many years to come. Due to a lack of local capacity the SUN-Coop sold the solar farm to the TRillium Solar Power Co-operative and became inactive as of June 2021.  

Rural Agri-Innovation Nework (2017-19)

The Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN) is a division of Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre with support from farmers and communities to enhance the agriculture and food sector in Algoma. RAIN’s vision is to build a resilient farm and food sector in Algoma through innovative research and agriculture development projects. 

ReThink Green managed the Sudbury, Parry Sound and Muskoka catchment of RAIN’s Sustainable New Agri-Food Products & Productivity (SNAPP) Program. This regional project supported Northern Ontario agriculture and food producers to create new products, enhance productivity and adopt clean technology. 

Sudbury Shared Harvest (2016-17)

Sudbury Shared Harvest is a charitable organization with a mission to cultivate community health by connecting people, the food we eat and the land it comes from. They support people in gaining the knowledge, skills and resources they need to access or grow their own food in a way that enhances our urban environment. 

reThink Green helped Sudbury Shared Harvest to secure their first grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to plant their first Community Food Forest at the Delki Dozzi Community Garden in 2016.