Residency Application

The Forge offers its residents several options when choosing a workstation – hot desks, permanent desks, and private offices.

Hot desks provide the ultimate flexibility for individuals who want to get in and get out. They’re the perfect place for someone who wants to set their own schedule and have the flexibility to work their own hours. These spaces allow us to accommodate a wide variety of residents in a dynamic work environment.

Permanent desks allow those residents who are seeking a more stable workspace to set up shop. These desks are situated in our main coworking space, so you’ll still be surrounded by like-minded, productive people but the space will belong to you for as long as your residency lasts. The people in these stations lend stability to our space and serve as The Forge’s foundational members. Lockable filing cabinets and personal storage, a dedicated phone line with unique extension, and a large workspace are some of the distinctive features of our permanent desks. If you sign up for a permanent desk, you’ll have access to all of our boardroom and meeting space, with 8 hours of free bookings every month.

The Forge is also currently offering two private offices that come fully furnished with all of the standard office amenities that you’d expect from a standard office. Personal phone line, high speed wired / wireless Internet, bright, spacious settings with views of downtown Sudbury, printing services, incoming / outgoing mail, and strategy boards are all provided. Residents in a private office are also given 8 hours of free access to our boardroom space every month.