Project Site: 176 Larch St


176 Larch Street in the heart of Downtown Sudbury is Green Economy North's first Project Site. The building owners are working together with tenants to set and meet targets for Sustainability. 

"This was an opportunity for us to take a leadership role and to hopefully set an example for others in this pilot project," Said Al Vardy, "where the whole building, the landlords and all the tenants are actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint, reducing the water use and the waste that comes out of this building." (CBC Sudbury, August 25 2016)

Tenants and landlords will collaborate on the action planning and target setting for the building.  Initial goals for the project include baselining carbon and water usage, conducting a Level 1.5 Energy Audit, and exploring capacity for innovative renewable energy. 

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All four tenants of the building are participating in this project:


Al Vardy, Private Wealth Advisor: As a private wealth adviser of Raintree Financial Solutions at 176 Larch St., Vardy specializes in investments in Canadian-owned, privately-held small and medium sized enterprises.

“This project is a great fit for me. I work with investors that are interested in strategically diversifying some of their investments away from Bay St and directing more of it towards opportunities happening on Main St.; all without involving the stock market, as is the case in this project,” said Vardy.

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Sandra Mews & Associates: Sandra Mews and Associates is an award-winning financial planning consultancy. Our solutions toolbox includes investments, insurance, and tax reduction strategies. 

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Eat Local Sudbury: Sudbury's local food Co-op - a grocery store where both members and the general public can buy locally-grown produce, meats and value added goods from local farmers and producers.

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reThink Green: Hosts of Green Economy North and conveners of the Low Carbon Economy in Sudbury, reThink Green is the Hub of Sudbury's environmental Network

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