Our Team

Rebecca Danard | Executive Director

rebecca.danard@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.101

Rebecca Danard is passionate about finding collaborative solutions to environmental challenges. Using extensive experience in non-profit leadership, project management, and event planning, she connects grass roots groups, non-profits, businesses and government agencies to ideas, partnerships, and resources. By using creative, innovative, data-driven strategies and tools, she works to build a sustainable community in Greater Sudbury and beyond. Rebecca also recruits and supports members of the Forge: the co-working space that reThink Green operates as a social enterprise. Through Green Economy North, powered by Sustainability CoLab, Rebecca helps businesses and organizations maximize the benefits for becoming more sustainable. Also interested in education, Rebecca mentors interns and academic placements at reThink Green. Rebecca is a trained professional musician, and plays principal clarinet in the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra.

David St. Georges | Program Manager of Green Economy North

david.stgeorges@rethinkgreen.ca | 705 674 1685 Ext. 100

David St. Georges is a strong advocate for Northern Ontario and its vibrant communities and has built a career in community communications and volunteer recruitment. Having focused on social outreach programs and natural disaster response through the Canadian Red Cross, he now uses his experience to engage others in environmentally sustainable solutions through. Also a volunteer, David hosts community television through Eastlink TV, and participates in the planning of other local festivals and events.

Cassidy McAuliffe | Communications Specialist

cassidy.mcauliffe@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.100

Cassidy McAuliffe thrives at the intersection of environment and communications. With a post graduate diploma in Environmental Visual Communications and a Masters in Science Communication, Cassidy uses her expertise to highlight sustainability initiatives being carried out by reThink Green's community partners, as well as by the members of the Green Economy North and Smart Green Communities program. Cassidy is also an avid outdoorswoman who loves to canoe and explore trails always with coffee and camera in hand.

Vincent Cisa-Paré | Sustainability and Member Engagement

vincent.cisa-pare@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.100

Vincent Cisa-Paré is supporting Green Economy North and brings a bilingual component to the program. By providing member support, Vincent helps businesses in the Greater Sudbury area understand environmental initiatives and decrease their environmental impact. A strong focus of his role is developing sustainability goals, fund sourcing, carbon accounting, grant writing and sustainability profiling. He is a strong advocate of sustainability in his community and is a proud member of the force that is driving change. He holds a bachelor of science and a bachelor of business administration with a specialization in accounting. Both completed at Laurentian University.

Raili Lakanen | Smart Green Communities Program Manager

raili.lakanen@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 ext.107

As Program Manager, Raili Lakanen leads the Regional Energy & Emissions Planning project and provides guidance to municipalities in Northeastern Ontario who are setting sustainability goals. Raili devotes project facilitation and research skills to foster partnership arrangements, apply to funding opportunities, and work toward long-term energy plan development. Raili has a Master’s degree in Planning from the University of Toronto and is set to defend her doctoral dissertation on the climate justice movement in Canada. She also has experience in environmental advocacy and is teaching a seminar course (Winter 2019) on Environmental Justice at Laurentian University. Raili is thrilled to have returned to live and work in her hometown of Sudbury.

Barbara Erskine | Manitoulin Energy Plan Coordinator

barbara.erskine@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-929-0291

As Energy Plan Coordinator, Barbara Erskine reaches out to Manitoulin communities (municipalities and First Nations) and assists them in developing energy plans and carbon emissions reduction targets. Barbara can connect community leaders and residents to educational and other support resources available through enrolment in the Smart Green Communities (SGC) program. Together with SGC resource people, she can support communities in: assessment of energy usage; analyzing local energy needs; taking first steps in setting targets for emissions reductions; and identifying climate adaptation strategies. Barbara has a PhD in Psychology and had a long career in providing clinical psychological services on Manitoulin Island. From 2014-2018, she served as a municipal councilor. Decades of public service have fostered a broad range of positive connections across Manitoulin and insight into the challenges facing local government.

Carly Seltzer | Project Coordinator

Carly.Seltzer@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.100

Carly Seltzer is coordinates the Forge expansion project to grow reThink Green's co-working space. Carly has recently graduated from Laurentian University with knowledge and skills from both the Law and Justice as well as the Biology program. With such a wide range of knowledge she uses her passion to increase community outreach of the Forge and is excited to see more people utilize this community working space.