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We’ve put in a lot of time and effort into making The Forge an inviting, inspiring place to work. Take a look at our image galleries to see the transformation and read some testimonials from our residents!

I love the location, it's central to everything downtown, and it's kind of like my own space, very quiet, by myself, because a lot of my work is intense and I develop workshops and do a lot of research. But once in a while, I want a break. There's one lady who I have gotten to know quite well. She comes quite regularly and sometimes she'll take a break, too, and we'll have a chat, grab a coffee, and back to our work. It's nice, because I'm alone, but not alone.

What I really love about the space – and this is why I jumped on it when I heard about it – I just started my business and everything is included here. You come in and it's a friendly environment, I didn't have to buy Internet, buy a business phone, buy a desk or anything. I pay one price. I get great, free Old Rock Coffee for my clients, as well. It's a nice atmosphere, a very relaxed, good workplace for me.

— ADHD Coach Diane Brunette B.A., B.Ed., R.S.S.W.
I was just sitting down to write Justin a glowing letter of recommendation and gratitude when I received this email! I was very impressed by the whole experience so far! Thank you Justin! The Green Room is a beautiful room, elegant, spacious and comfortable. The technology and educational tools (nice big screen & whiteboards) are fantastic! And I love the organic coffee! Justin, your attention to detail and your humble service are models of perfection. Merci beaucoup! :)

— Richard Malette

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