Dedicated Cyclist All Winter Long

SUDBURY- The Commuter Challenge celebrates and encourages Sudbury residents to choose more sustainable, environmentally-friendly commuting options. This annual event will run from June 3rd to June 9th and is part of the national Commuter Challenge program. Local businesses and organizations are encouraged to register today at and track their progress during challenge week.

Sudbury’s Commuter Challenge is lead by reThink Green, and one staff member has been getting ready by commuting to work by bike all winter long.

“Winter cycling, and any season cycling in fact, is such a great way to start the day,” said Cassidy McAuliffe, cycling enthusiast and Member Profile Officer with reThink Green. “Whether it's the dose of fresh air, getting the heart rate up or the simple accomplishment of using my own pedal power, I feel awake, more confident, and ready to start the day!”
Cassidy left her motor car for a more active and sustainable commute during a year living in Toronto, riding down King Street with many other busy commuters. Now, back in Greater Sudbury, she was determined to keep her active lifestyle in support of the environment.

“Although some days I might not feel like it, I always feel so good when I get to work,” McAuliffe continued, reflecting on her winter rides. “The most difficult part of winter cycling is soft snow. Biking through loosely packed snow is like biking in sand. The best was when the temperatures dropped, and everything froze solid.”

To battle the cold, Cassidy also swears by proper layers, which is good advice for any winter activities. She also recommends checking the weather ahead of time, which most of us already do.

The benefits of commuting anytime of year outweigh the effort it takes to start. Sustainable commuting contributes to keeping Sudbury’s air quality at its best. In addition to health benefits, it can also be a good financial choice for the commuter.

“I bought a winter beater bike for $20 on Kijiji that was okay to get caked with salt and sand,” McAuliffe adds while discussing the costs of winter commuting. “Also studded tires. Not necessary, but definitely worth the investment.”

As the warm weather rolls in, Cassidy, along with many others, can enjoy clear bike trails and beautiful public parks on their daily rides. Sustainable commuting can help all of us take advantage of the gorgeous Northern landscape during the beautiful summer weather.

The 2018 Sudbury Commuter Challenge runs from June 3rd to 9th, 2018 and encourages businesses and organizations to commute to and from work using sustainable forms of transportation. Registration is open now at Participants can track all forms of sustainable commuting including walking, biking, carpooling, and more! Compete and discover which business in town can sustainably go the greatest distance! For more information, please contact reThink Green at 705-674-1685, or [email protected] Program sponsored by Vale and Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, a Glencore Company.

David St. Georges
Communications Director
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