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A “design, print, sign, web, promotion and creative solutions” firm in Whitefish, HiaMedia has a strong customer base in various industries and markets. Owner/operators Skye Little and Kelly Young are constantly developing and implementing new technology, not only to produce innovative marketing materials but to do so in environmentally sustainable ways. They are proud to be early adopter members of Green Economy North!

HiaMedia Inc. is an Early Adopter Member of Green Economy North. They are currently in the Benchmarking process.

ACTION UPDATE: September 2016

Sustainability Action is not new to Skye and Kelly of Hiamedia. They have been very determined to minimize energy usage and solid waste. Over the past few years, they have undertaken the following efforts:

> Heat Pump: Their combined business & residential property is heated and cooled by water-source heat pump, an extremely efficient electicity based heating system.

> Waste Diversion: Virtually all solid waste from the their sign production is diverted, including coroplast waste which is being recycled. For many years Hiamedia has been proud to be the only sign production company to recycle coroplast. 

> Efficient equipment: Power usage has always been a concern when acquiring new production equipment, and Hiamedia has been dedicated to find the most energy efficient equipment possible. 

> Efficient Vehicles: For their business usage, they have chosen the most efficient vehicles in their class.

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