Forge Guidelines






Carly Seltzer

Forge Coordinator



Scott Florence

Executive Director of

reThink Green

705.674.1685 ext. 101




176 Larch Street, Suite 101 and 305

Sudbury, On P3E 1C5



Operating under the guidance of

reThink Green.



Mailing Address for your use:


c/o reThink Green

176 Larch Street, Suite 305

Sudbury, ON, P3E 1C5




Section 01: The Forge

Section 02: Be Welcoming

Section 03: Opening & Closing

Section 04: Parking

Section 05: Space Cleanliness

Section 06: Space Access

Section 07: Meeting Space

Section 08: Internet Access

Section 09: Printing

Section 10: Slack

Section 11: Music

Section 12: Space Sharing Section 13: Guests

Section 14: Payment

Section 15: Additional Services

Section 16: Termination

Section 17: Residency

Section 18: Liability

Section 19: Cancellation

Section 20: Refund Policy


































































































































The Forge provides residents (that’s you) with a flexible month to month options. All residency options are month to month and can be terminated without notice or reason by either The Forge or the resident(s). In order to create the best work environment for everyone to check off all their to-dos on their list.

Last update: October 1st, 2018

Section 1: The Forge

We created a set of guidelines to make sure everyone feels at home. While we don’t want to make you cross your heart and hope to die...or the stick a needle in your eye part (gross), we do ask you to promise to uphold these values and be cool. Forge staff reserves the right to enter any office unannounced for any reason at any time.

Rent Increases: Should the Head Leaseholder increase the rent paid by reThink Green, this increase may be distributed proportionately among our co-tenants. reThink Green will provide 60 days notice of any such change.

Section 2: Be Welcoming

In consideration of the use of the Forge facilities, pinky-promise and agree to Be A Welcome Mat (not a doormat...those are different): This could sometimes include: answering the door or offering a quick tour (no microphone or backward walking required). Please treat people like they’re in your home; don’t ignore them. Show them around or ask how their day was, and if you don’t know them to ask why the heck they’re there. If someone looks lost point them in the right direction and say, “Welcome.”

Section 3: Opening and Closing

[First one in] Put on some coffee (we’ll show you how), Open the curtains (we like to have natural light in the space, so it doesn’t feel like you were in a stuffy office when you leave), Turn on all the lights (the light switches are in random locations. we will be sure to show you where they’re at). Turn on the music. There’s a speaker system in the open work areas.

[Last one out] Empty the coffee grounds in the compost, give the coffee pot a quick rinse, turn off all the lights, lock the doors, and shut all the windows.


Section 4: Parking

As we are located in the downtown of Sudbury, parking can be tricky to find. We are currently in the process of added some additional parking. We currently do not offer to park for those renting out any office space, yet if parking is something you want we can set up arrangements to allow for a parking space to be rented through the building owners. As parking needs fluctuate season to season we cannot guarantee that a parking space will always be available. 


Section 5: Space Cleanliness

A reThink Green staff comes in Tuesday and Friday evenings. They DO:

● Clean and vacuum the common work areas

● Clean and vacuum the meeting spaces

● Clean the bathrooms

● Restock the bathrooms with soap and hand towels

● Empty waste receptacles

They DO NOT:

● Clean dirty cups, mugs or dishes

● Clean offices As a Forge resident, we must take care of some things ourselves.


[Dishes] Please wash, dry and put away your cups, mugs, dishes, and silverware.

[Guests] We know you’re going to have guests from time to time (and we encourage that) but please make sure to clean up after them.

[The Trash] If the trash is super full prior to the reThink Green Staff arrival feel free to take it out the back door, there is a container to store it.

[The Fridge] There is a roll of masking tape and a sharpie next to each fridge. Every Friday afternoon the fridge is cleaned out. If something is not clearly marked with a piece of tape it will be tossed at the end of the week. No exceptions. 

[Vaping] Don’t do it. But if you must, please take it outside. No vaping in the meeting spaces, phone rooms, kitchen, or any other communal space inside The Forge.


Section 6: Space Access

The door to The Forge is to remain locked outside of normal business hours (9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday).  Please make sure clients/employees are aware of this if they are arriving outside of these hours and arrange to meet them at the door to let them in.  (Do not prop the doors open!)  Also, please ensure that all windows and doors are locked and shut tight, the blinds are closed, and lights are off if you are the last one out at night.

[lockers] Each Forge resident (excluding Community members and drop-ins) may have access to one storage locker. Residents are responsible for supplying their own locks.

[mail sorting] resident’s may list their address using the standard presentation indicated in the sub-lease agreement. Mail addressed to a Resident is received by reThink Green staff. Residents may pick up their mail from a reThink Green staff member.

[phone lines] Residents with added phones will be included on the main reThink Green phone menu. Residents may request a long-distance code from the Executive Director of reThink Green. Long distance usage is tracked and will be billed monthly on a cost-recovery basis. Invoices for long distance services are payable on delivery.


Section 7: Meeting Spaces

Members have access to the meeting rooms in their home base location. Each membership level is allocated a monthly amount of time to be booked in any of the available rooms.

[cancel a booking] – Cancellations will need to be made two days prior to your booking unless circumstances don’t allow for this. In the event that circumstances do not allow for prior cancelation, this will be discussed on a case by case basis by a reThink Green staff member.

[buying more hours] email or Additional time in the Board Room is charged at a rate of $20 / hour and is subject to availability. The Forge staff will review booking requests for the Board Room and confirm requests within 2 business days.

[guaranteed availability] There is no guaranteed availability for any of our private offices, desks, and boardrooms.


Section 8: Internet

All packages and bookings include access to our password protected, high-speed internet.  We do everything possible to provide the best internet speeds. Due to forces outside of our control, we occasionally have outages. We do not provide refunds or compensate Forge residents in any way for internet downtime caused by the Internet Service Providers.



Section 9: Printing

We have recently decreased our printing costs, to better suit everyone. After all, we want to be convenient and have our costs a tad lower than most printing companies make it so that you are getting the best deal from the comfort of your own desk. (without having to send things out of the building to be printed).

Black and white

$0.03 per page



$0.07 per page


Invoices for printing services are payable on delivery. Failure to pay may result in suspension of a resident’s access code until the full invoice is paid.



Section 10: Slack

We are currently in the process of setting up a Forge Coworking Slack channel. You’ll receive an invite shortly after joining the fam. This is utilized as the main form of communication between the coordinator and Forge residents. We do still use email.


Section 11: Music

We have recently added a radio to our shared space, to create a more productive area. However, we do ask to be mindful when adding music and avoid explicated songs. Feel free to change the radio station if you want. All we ask our residents is to be considerate of others using the same workspace.


Section 12: Space Sharing

Respect Your Routine: Some people are Chatty Cathys and some are Silent Sals, neither of these is wrong ways to be. While this is your home, please be conscious of your neighbors work habits. If they have their headphones in, please send them a digital message before you bother them in person, it may disrupt their workflow. For your headphones, if someone is having a conversation near you (and it’s bothering you), feel free to move somewhere more secluded or politely ask them to keep it down - book the conference room for a little bit, or hop over to a quieter area. People should be able to have short (5-10 minutes) business conversations wherever if the topic is appropriate for other members to hear. Personal conversations in person and on the phone should be taken from a meeting space, outside or one of the phone rooms available at either location.


Be thoughtful and mindful of what you share openly in the space. Things that are not appropriate:

● Speakerphone use in the open workspace. This includes conversation and personal music playing.


Section 13: Guests

You’re welcome to bring guests to join you at The Forge. The following restrictions apply.

● 1 or 2 guests at any given time 4 times a month

● Guests must be registered at least 24 hours in advance with Forge staff to utilize the space. Please send  an email to register your guest (just so we have a heads-up)

● You, the resident, must always be in the space with your guest


Section 14: Payment

Payment is handled via credit card using square. Payment occurs on membership start date and then recurs automatically on the first of the month until membership is canceled. You explicitly agree that we have your authorization to charge your credit card on a recurring basis. If you start on another day then the 1st of a month the charge will be prorated.

Residency is automatically invoiced in advance, based on the rental agreement, unless staff is advised one month in advance.  All payments are due on the first of the month.


Late Payments: Payments received more than five (5) days after their due date will be charged an administration fee of $50 and the Member owing such Payments or fees will be denied access to The Forge until such as a time as said payments are up to date.

[Failure to Pay] Failure to pay overdue invoices within 10 days of the 1st of the month will result in termination of membership


Section 15: Additional Services

Due to our very recent expansion, we are working on developing more additional services to help our community thrive. We are working on developing a video storytelling service, graphic design, grant writing assistance, marketing plans, and a few other services. These services will be provided by the skilled team members of reThink Green.


Section 16: Termination

The Forge reserves the right to terminate any residency at any time without notice and without a refund. If for any reason the resident wishes to leave The Forge before the residency expiry date, the resident may bring their request to reThink Green. If it is mutually agreeable to both parties, ReThink Green may select to release the resident of their residency obligations. Notice will be given at least 30 days in advance of any changes in the Membership agreement.


ReThink Green reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement if the resident fails to pay rent fails to honor the terms of this agreement and for any other substantive reason, provided that both parties have attempted and failed to reach a resolution. If a residency is terminated, reThink Green will refund dues for the remaining period of the residency. Failure to follow any of the guidelines outlined in this document can result in termination of residency.  


Section 17: Residency

The resident (you) will not engage in any illegal activity in The Forge or around the building in which The Forge is located. The resident will not engage in any online or business activity that may damage or impair the functioning of The Forge or its Services, including but not limited to overburdening or impairing any servers or networks connected to The Forge or reThink Green.

Leave of Absence: Any request for a leave of absence without fees should be submitted in writing to ReThink Green with no less than 2 weeks notice. Each request will be considered on its merit.

Promotion and branding: The resident will permit ReThink Green to use his/her business name in promotional materials and to otherwise identify an association with The Forge.


Section 17: Liability

ReThink Green will hold property and liability insurance as befitting to protect its interests and its interests solely. ReThink Green will not carry contents insurance to protect the property of the resident and is in no way responsible for any such damages to resident's property, or property belonging to agents, officers, trustees, and employees of the resident.


Further, the resident agrees under their individual rental agreement to hold ReThink Green harmless in the event of any damage caused to the resident's property. reThink Green and The Forge are not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of residents’ personal belongings including but not limited to laptop computers, cell phones, clothing, bags, wallets, or books.

It is the responsibility of the individual resident to carry its own contents and liability insurance. The premises shall be used by the residents for work/projects related to agreed upon business purposes only and for no other reason without express permission of ReThink Green.


In no event shall reThink Green, or its agents, employees, residents, members, or guests be liable for any direct, special, incidental, indirect, punitive, consequential or other damages whatsoever, including  but not limited to damages for: loss of profits, loss of confidential or other information, business interruption, personal injury, loss of privacy, failure to meet any duty, negligence, and any other pecuniary or other loss whatsoever, arising out of or in any way related to the participation in or inability to participate in or use of The Forge or its Services, the provision of or failure to provide Services, or otherwise or in connection with any provision of this agreement.


Section 18: Cancellation

The 10-day notice is required for cancellation. Notice of cancellation must be in written form via an email to or 


Section 19: Refunds

We do not offer refunds.