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Membership Benefits

- Learn how to green your organization to: reduce costs, prepare for upcoming legislation, attract and retain talent, improve your corporate image, attract business and more.

- Have exclusive access to professional environmental tracking software

- Receive free passes to all workshops and educational forums during our event season

- Be supported through your entire sustainability journey by our Program Manager

- Receive recognition and awards for progress made and milestones achieved


Join by April 15, 2016 to become an early adopter. Early adopter members will receive the added benefits of:

- Verbal recognition at our Launch Event before a targeted audience of hundreds of people on how your organization is championing environmental sustainability

- A prestigious place for your logo on our website at a time of heightened media attention

Membership Progression


Membership Pricing

Green Economy North offers flexible pricing to accommodate every organization. Annual membership fees range from $500 to $6,500 and is determined by the number of employees within your organization.


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