Engagement Organizing

reThink Green's mandate is to support and build capacity in other organizations working towards true sustainability.  To fulfill this mission, we are currently working with organizations in Northern Ontario who are interested in Engagement Organizing and using the online platform NationBuilder. We are seeking additional organizations to participate in our program. Although our core is environmentally focused, we are open to working with social action groups, arts organizations, small businesses and First Nations – anyone working in the north to make their community more sustainable. 

About Engagement Organizing

To make change happen, it is no longer enough to deliver a message; we need to get people actively involved with the issues we care about. Engagement Organizing is about using a data driven approach to build more and better relationships, so that an organization can recruit and mobilize people and work towards establishing distributed leadership. 

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About NationBuilder

NationBuilder is an online platform that allows an organization to establish and track relationships with supporters. Anytime someone interacts with your organization (e.g. attends an event, makes a donation or follows you on twitter) it is automatically recorded in the database. It is a key tool for engagement organizing.

NationBuilder consolidates many functions of an organizations including:

    • Website platform and hosting
    • Mass e-mail communications
    • Supporter data management
    • Social media tracking and analytics
    • Donation management


With NationBuilder it is easy for a team of staff and volunteers to:

    • Coordinate and track campaigns – fundraising, volunteer drives, event promotions.
    • Update the website to be responsive, interactive and facilitate two way communication between you and your supporters.
    • Gather data about supporters to help prioritize outreach.
    • Receive and track donations directly. 


Getting Started

reThink Green will pay the participating organization’s NationBuilder fee for up to one year. After the first year, the organization will pay the cost of using NationBuilder ($228 USD per year, slightly more if you have over 5000 people in your database). Here is the link to NationBuilder pricing.  

reThink Green will provide personalized help to set up your website and database as well as ongoing technical support to help you use it. 

reThink Green will provide access to Engagement Organizing training to help make best use of your database. Here are the Engagement Organizing training webinars we have been using, courtesy of the Canadian Freshwater Alliance. 


 If ever you decide not to continue using NationBuilder, you can export your data and switch your website to another platform. 



Unlike some previous versions of this project, we don’t require organizations to share any personal data about their supporters with us or any of the other participating groups.

This project is supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. We look forward to sharing your success story with our funder. We will ask that organizations track some metrics (e.g. # of volunteers, event attendance) so that we can report to OTF. NationBuilder makes it very easy to track this information.




  • Website only. This is a starter option if the organization just needs a website. Not recommended to manage and track supporters. (e.g. Clean Air Sudbury). 


  • NationBuilder only. This option is for those who want to migrate their entire website to NationBuilder. It is the easiest and cheapest to set up and maintain in the long-term. (e.g. reThink Green)


  • Hybrid. This is the option for those who want to maintain their current website, but also use the NationBuilder database to track and manage supporters. This requires ongoing time and money to maintain two different platforms. (Ecology Ottawa = Word Press + NationBuilder, not designed by reThink Green)



Nations in Progress


These organizations are working with us to set up their NationBuilder website and database. Click on the links to check out these completed sites and works in progress.

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