The Forge is a social incubator that provides space for social organizations, non-profits, grassroots, start-ups, and online businesses to achieve their goals in a collaborative setting. Through initiatives like Shared Platforms, evolving needs can be met.   


The Forge strives to connect networks in a sustainable way. Since 2014, The forge has hosted a diverse group of residents or Alumni. Resurrected through the 2018 Expansion project The Forge aims to be a unique and resourceful environment for like-minded individuals.  

Our Main Goals

     • To provide the social innovation sector with a collaborative home-base for working needs. 
     • To be an additional resource within the coworking environment by emphasizing collaboration, sustainability, and diversity.
     • Offering our additional services to assist new organizations and or businesses to accomplish industry goals within The Forge.

What is Coworking? Why choose Coworking? 

As comfortable as working at home sounds, it isn't for everyone. It's also unreasonably expensive to lease an office for yourself to be able to work on your next project in a dedicated space. Coworking stems from this shared need. By splitting the cost of an office space with fellow Forge residents you are paying a small percentage of what you would if you underwent the operational costs of setting up your own complete office.