What Does reThink Green Mean

We want to help address the confusion around what it means to be green.

As consumers, we have been exposed to significant amounts of green-washing, mostly through advertising. People are beginning to express feelings of exhaustion with the word green, as it is so over-used, and often misused. People generally want to be a part of the solution, but green-washing is leading to little progress being made towards a more efficient, healthier society.

Others complain that “green costs more.”  There is a connotation associated with the word that implies that people should spend additional money for the sake of the environment alone, that it has no real benefit to themselves.

Furthermore, a lot of messaging to the public is focused on making green easy. Top ten lists are plastered throughout magazines and newspapers, explaining how people can have a “green Christmas”, or “save energy in the home.” Often, these lists have no substance to them; they are created to pique people’s interest in the topic but offer no suggestions on how to turn it into action.  Even worse, many items that are put on these lists have no actual benefit, but are just put on the list to keep the list at a nice, round number.

As an established organization in this community under the name Greater Sudbury Environment Network, we are re-branding ourselves as reThink Green to help address the above concerns.


We promise not to green-wash – we will provide real solutions based on research and facts. 

Our second promise is that we will not put the environment ahead of other parts of life.  Being green is about properly balancing the economy, the environment, and people.  We are helping move the world towards a better future.  We are about a better quality of life.  We are about helping people to future-proof themselves against higher fuel costs. 

Finally, we won’t dumb down green into lists with no substance.  We will work with you to ensure that you understand not just what to do, but why to do it and how to do it.

For all these reasons, we are asking you to “rethink green.” Rethink what the word green means to you. Rethink what advertisers are saying in their messaging. Rethink your future based on a better quality of life.