Sudbury Commuter Challenge


Take the Challenge! In June 2017, we challenge you to take alternative and environmentally friendly means of transportation. 

reThink Green presents the Sudbury Commuter Challenge for workplaces, and the Faith Commuter Challenge for places of worship. Challenge your friends, family, co-workers, businesses, and local organizations to leave the vehicle at home and join! 

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Workplace Commuter Challenge

The Sudbury Workplace Commuter Challenge (June 4-10) inspires all members of the workplace to travel to work by alternate transportation, and record their kilometres! You can WALK, RUN, BIKE, ROLLERBLADE, SWIM, CAR POOL, BUS, KAYAK, TELECOMMUTE, or any other mode of sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation. Challenge your coworkers, or challenge another business in the community! 


Faith Commuter Challenge

The Faith Commuter Challenge (June 2-11) encourages all faith groups to cheer each other on as they take sustainable modes of transportation to places of worship.This pilot program is supported by Faith & the Common Good. Ignite a friendly competition among members and various faith groups to show your care for creation!


Walk and Wheel to School Challenge 

The Sudbury Walk and Wheel to School Challenge (June 5-9) encourages children from across the City of Greater Sudbury to walk, bike, or scoot to school as many days during the week as possible. Healthy Kids Greater Sudbury will add up the kilometres travelled using an online tracking form. Let's see how far our community's kids can travel in a week!

Participating students will be entered into a draw for great prizes.


You can register for one, or all of the challenges! The results are updated daily, and you can see which businesses and people in the city are using the healthiest methods of transportation.